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1. Can kydex holster damage surface of my gun?


Yes, any holster can- kydex, leather also nylon holster can damage your gun during intense training with your gun, but it doesn't impact functionality of the gun.


2. What's "sweatguard"?


It's extended inner piece of holster - till the end of the slide, for reduction of contact between gun and body.


3. How can I pay for my holster?


You can pay with bank transfer or cash on delivery.


4. I'm lefhanded, how do I choose a holster?


In order formular you have to check Left in column named Strong Hand.

5. If I have specific requirement for my holster, where Am I suppose to add it?


In order formular you have to write it in Comment column. Or send me an e-mail.


6. Will be my holster looks like exactly as on pictures?


No. Every holster is produced for exact gun and it's handmade according to your requirement. Holster will have alike design but it won't be the exactly the same.